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    Your in-game name: Vergo33

    What timezone are you in? PST

    What country do you live in? United States of America

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e. recording software, screenshots, etc)
    Yes, I do have the necessary capturing devices to capture evidence. This would include of OBS and Sony Vegas. I would use Sony Vegas to add clips together, slow motion, and etc.

    How active will you be?
    I will able to spend 5+ hours per day.

    How familiar are you with staff commands?
    I am familiar with staff commands as when I was younger I try to run a server and I did some research on Admin Commands or Moderator Commands.

    How long have you been playing MineRelic?
    I have been playing for 5+ hours.

    Have you ever been banned in the past from MineRelic? (Forums & In-game)
    No, I have not been banned on MineRelic.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator/helper?
    Yes, I have been a moderator on a server 3 years ago but it shut down after a few days after release. Also, I tried running my own server

    Discord name and tag: Vergo33#1206

    Were you referred by any staff members? No.

    Extra Information:
    I am 15 years old and I'm already addicted to MineRelic. I am very mature at all times and know how to handle tough situations.