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    Your in game name:Rank_Wolf.
    What time zone do you live in:CEST.
    What country do you live in:Norway.
    Do you have any necessary means of capturing evidence:Screenshots.
    How active will you be:I'll be on every day if im not on vacation.
    How familiar are you with staff commands:Im pretty familiar with these kind of commands.
    How long have you been playing MineRelic: Started 2 days ago, 0,50d playtime. I know it says minimum 3 days but thats bassicly the server uptime.
    Have you been banned in the past from MineRelic? (Forums & In-game): No i have not been.
    Have you had any past experience as a Moderator or Helper: Yes i have on some servers, Faction servers.
    Discord name and tag:Videos#2201
    Were you referred by any staff member:No.
    Extra information: I have no more.