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    Requirements: Must be over the age of 14 to apply, Developed for over a year, and be online at least 10 hours a week
    *WARNING* Not meeting the requirements and not following the format shall be denied.

    How old are you?

    Which country do you live in?
    United States

    Which timezone?

    Which languages can you code in?
    Java, HTML/CSS (If you count those), JavaScript, and learning all the C languages in my free time

    Do you have experience with server file management/backend work?
    Yes, I have set up server VPS and Dedis with their own forum software plus their own Nodes.

    How long have you been developing plugins/scripts for Minecraft?
    I have been developing public Minecraft plugins since July of 2015 (4 Years) but I started with private plugins for servers in December of 2014

    List experience/portfolio (Provide screenshots of your projects):
    My Spigot:
    My Server: (KitPvP is completely hand coded)
    - the node: (I can make you a dummy account so you can view but can't touch anything)
    - the forums:
    - the website:
    and I'm sure you would like to see the setup for staff applications so: the head staff have an account where we can log in and view the database in order to see all applications and each person gets an account made when they apply which they can see if they made the staff team or not!
    Proof that KitPvP is custom coded:

    I also made a fork of Crazy Auctions (I could make another copy for the servers needs):
    2019-06-16_18.38.06.png 2019-06-16_18.37.59.png 2019-06-16_18.37.46.png 2019-06-16_18.37.39.png

    I also do custom mods! (that I can make for the server for players to use like badlion!):
    Screenshot_5.png [ /SPOILER]
    I can also boot up my old Skyblock core concept if you would like! It is unique, and really old but it works!

    If you would like more to the list of 4 years of experience then just ask! ☺

    A little extra:
    I'm just gonna say this off the bat, I'm the type of person that just wants to help, there is no need to pay me for my work, even though it would be appreciated, I do not demand payment!

    Anything else you wanna know about me? My discord is GamerDuck123#4262 don't hesitate to message me!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application! Have a nice day/afternoon!